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How will an embezzlement conviction change your career?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Many professional occupations with a high degree of responsibility come with the risk that one wrong decision or one simple mistake might result in a lawsuit. For white-collar workers with access to company money, this threat exists in the form of a possible embezzlement charge.

Embezzlement refers to the crime of stealing or withholding a company’s assets for one’s own benefit. If there is a possibility that you or someone in your company might fall under suspicion of embezzling, it is important to know how a conviction will inevitably change your career.

Employers might not place you in positions of financial authority

If you wish to pursue a career in accounting or any other field that entails handling money, you might struggle to find employment with an embezzlement conviction on your record. Embezzling is a felony, meaning that it will show up on any background check that a potential employer performs. Many organizations will therefore see you as a risky candidate for any position that might place you near company funds.

You might lose your professional license

Embezzlement is also a prime example of a crime related to the practice of your profession, meaning that it is grounds for an official licensing body to revoke your professional license. The Pennsylvania Department of State plays a key role in the professional licensing process within the state. Lawyers, nurses and teachers are among the many professionals at risk of losing their license to work if an embezzlement charge arises.

Companies are understandably very protective of their finances and other assets. If you are under suspicion of embezzling, it is necessary to build the strongest defense possible in order to protect your career from the harsh charges against you.