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4 Reasons police can search your home or car without a warrant

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Your fourth amendment rights protect you from unreasonable searches, meaning that law enforcement must obtain a warrant before searching your car or home. However, some exceptions permit them to search without a warrant.

Here are the four reasons police could search your home or car without a warrant.

1. Exigent circumstances

If the police believe they have exigent circumstances, they can search your home or car without a warrant. For example, they can search your home if they think you are about to destroy evidence of a federal crime to protect your record and future.

2. Probable cause

The police can also use probable cause to justify a search. For example, if they smell an illegal substance in your home or see fresh blood on your backseat, they can search your house or car.

3. Driver arrested

If the police arrest the driver of a vehicle, they can also search that vehicle. However, their search must be relevant to why they stopped the individual.

4. Consent

Providing the police with your consent is another way that they can search your home or vehicle without a warrant. However, it is nearly impossible to have any of the evidence they find dismissed from a case unless you prove that they coerced you into providing consent.

If the police search your home or car without a warrant and find evidence that you have committed a felony, prepare to take action. You will probably want to prove that they violated your rights so you can have the courts dismiss the evidence.