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Can you carry a gun in Philadelphia?

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Firearm Offenses

In Pennsylvania, you do not need a permit to openly carry a firearm. If you want to possess a concealed firearm in public or carry a firearm in your vehicle, you can do so with a permit.

These laws apply to most of the state. However, there are different laws pertaining to the city of Philadelphia.

Does Philadelphia have its own gun laws?

Under the Uniform Firearms Act, only the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania may enact gun laws. This has resulted in courts striking down attempts by the city to regulate the possession of firearms. Therefore, the city has no gun laws of its own. However, section 6108 of the Uniform Firearms Act contains special provisions regarding the possession of firearms in the city of Philadelphia.

Can you carry a gun in Philadelphia?

In Philadelphia, you may not carry a firearm on public streets or on public property unless you have a license to carry or you qualify for an exception under the Uniform Firearms Act. These exceptions include:

  • Law enforcement, on-duty military and some federal employees
  • Firearms dealers in the course of their normal business operations
  • Employees of banks and other institutions who use firearms to protect assets
  • Hunters and target shooters traveling to and from a hunting area or shooting range

If you have just purchased a gun or need to bring it to a shop for repair, you can transport it unloaded in a secure case without a permit.

As a Pennsylvania gun owner, you should be aware that the rules that apply in the rest of the state do not apply in the city. Failure to follow the law can have costly consequences.