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3 Things to know about felonies

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Whether you committed the crime or not, facing felony charges is serious. If the court finds you guilty, your life will change drastically.

You can end up facing these charges at the worst times. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself. Then, if you are ready, you can help your legal representation get you out of the situation. Here is the essential information you need to know on the subject.

1. Convictions stay with you permanently

The state classifies felonies by their severity. Depending on your crime, you will likely need to pay severe fines and do time in prison. After you have served your sentence, these convictions will be on your record forever. If you commit another felony, the court can consider your previous conviction and give you a more extreme punishment.

2. You will have challenges after your conviction

People with felonies experience challenges in their daily life. For example, you could have difficulty finding a house or a job. You will also be unable to vote or have a firearm. Therefore, it is essential to fight the charges if you are innocent.

3. You need legal representation

If you find yourself facing felony charges, you must hire legal representation. That ensures you do everything you can to protect yourself and your life as you know it. If you are lucky, you might even be able to convince the court of your innocence so you can continue your career unscathed.

While this information will not guarantee that the court will find you innocent, it can help you help yourself. So remember these facts just in case the unexpected happens.