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What to know if you violate parole

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2021 | Criminal Defense

When the courts release you from prison on parole, you must adhere to specific conditions required by the law.

You need to regularly report to your local parole officer and abide by other stipulations, such as keeping a curfew, attending alcohol or substance treatment classes or getting a job.

What actions result in parole violations?

There are two parole violation types in Pennsylvania: technical and criminal. Your contract with the court states the specific terms that allow you to finish your sentence outside of jail.

Technical violations occur when you fail to follow the requirements outlined in your contract. Some violations of this type include:

  • Missing a meeting with your parole officer
  • Skipping your mandatory drug or alcohol treatment sessions
  • Moving without informing the court of your new address
  • Neglecting to pay your required court fines
  • Quitting your job
  • Failing a drug test
  • Having unauthorized contact with your victims

Criminal acts while on parole are serious violations. Any unlawful act can violate your contract and have severe outcomes.

What are the consequences of violating your parole?

If you commit a technical violation of your contract, your punishment depends on the extent of your offense. The court may remove additional freedoms, return you to jail or send you to an in-patient treatment program.

If you commit a new crime, your parole officer can arrest you immediately. It is essential to understand your legal rights in this situation. You have the right to a violation hearing with an attorney to represent you in court. Legal assistance is crucial as the judge can add stricter terms, revoke your parole, extend your sentence or place you back in prison.

The law takes parole violations seriously. Extensive knowledge of the Pennsylvania legal system can help you minimize the effects of violating parole.