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The pandemic and its impact on crime in America

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Coronavirus is creating significant hardship for Pennsylvania and the rest of the country. While it’s taken people’s lives and jobs, it’s also had effects on other facets of American life you might not think of at first – such as the country’s crime rate.

Cities large and small are seeing certain types of crime drop in some areas but increase in others. And since many crimes can stem from false accusations or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, this could be beneficial for those facing steep charges.

Property crimes down in places like Detroit

According to a recent report, 19 out of 20 law enforcement agencies reported record-low levels of criminal activity since mid-March. For instance, Detroit, which usually has a bad reputation, saw a substantial decrease in violent property crimes. The city’s police department says they typically see around 590 violent property crimes a week. That number is now down to 480 per week.

Even though officials lifted lockdown orders in most parts of the country, fewer people are out and about these days. This may limit opportunities for those who may face criminal accusations to get in any bad situation.

Criminal drug charges also on the decline

Drug charges are down by 60% from last year. That may be due to the way officials report these types of crimes. Typically, drug crimes are measured by the number of people police arrest for drug use, not reports citizens make to authorities. This could benefit people who face drug or possession charges, as they may not be directly associated with the people involved in drug crimes.

Shootings and domestic violence charges see an increase

On the other hand, certain types of violent crimes see an uptick. For instance, residents in some areas of Chicago say they’ve seen a surge in homicides on certain weekends.

Domestic violence has become a more significant issue as well, as tensions may escalate in some homes due to spending more time indoors, leading some people to defend themselves against an abusive partner or family member.

Criminal accusations can happen anytime

Facing criminal accusations, whether we’re in a pandemic or not, can be frightening. And in Pennsylvania, charges can be steep depending on the crime. That’s why those facing unwarranted criminal accusations can benefit from robust legal representation.